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Well done for this Year.

So, what can i say over 2015 before this finally ends. Hmmm, every day and every year find and read you the same overall, …problems, politics, detah, life, attacks, rich, poor, fun, life… Okay, now i come back to my real background for this blog. 😉

“ Tech House Music „

After i paused, with an long holiday time. I will start my Techno and Electronic Label now back and fresh with an new relaunch. With two singles in two versions.

• Impacted Particles – Solarwind

• Matthew Cornell – Cleaning The Dancefloor

…and now a Compilation with another great Artists from this Globe. This was called “ Random Lofi Society “

Random Lofi Societey_Matthew_Cornell

Music Cover of the Compilation by Elastic Cage Music. Random Lofi Society.

“ Can i say, I am a one man show? “

So, I build: Graphics, Typographics, Web Design, Video scenes for Youtube, use promotion Channels, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,  and of course produced and mastering the music. Uff… I spend many, many times for this project. I don’t now, but i think this result is good for me and for the World. I think so and i hope so.

Can i live from this hard work? NO! But music and art mades me free from all this Themes that i written to the top of this article.

Well i am done for this Year. Happy Holidays, and the best and happyness for 2016.



The finally visuals: Elastic Cage Music. Record Label since 2008.

The finally Audios: Soundcloud

And here can you spend me some coins: Bandcamp

Short Cut MIX

Before i start to produce my new album this year in electronic rhythms

i played a little bit of my collection for mixing…

Enjoy and keep elastic!

for booking request: | Mr. Cornell

murphy mix

Well, i am not an dj that i play an only one style of music.

I rec. this with my little one in my room: Murphy my Cat.

Here is an pic of him with some graphic elements.


You can here the mix or download it here: LINK



1. Kelis – Jerk Ribs (Mount Kimbie remix)

Mount Kimbie brings me back to the 90s, really cool and deep mix. Love it.

2. Pharrell Williams ft. Jay Z – Frontin‘ (Disclosure Rework)

The Guys from Disclosure makes an really good job, not only with this tune.

3. Detroit Swindle – The Break Up

Absolutely fantastic vocal House track, thats bring it back to the 21st century. Big up.

4. Doorly – I Want You To Dance

Great rhythms and vocal groove with an perfekt combination of the next Oliver $ track.

5. Oliver $ (Oliver Dollar) – Doin‘ Ya Thang

Here it is. Keeps me smiling these coolnes in this producing.

„Fuck that shit, Yeah, i have an really good time.“

6. Jesse Rose – Fly Tonight

BOOOOM, Chaka Kahn is back. Thanks for Mr. Rose for this French House Burner in 2014.

7. Matthew Cornell – Burning House

Ok, thats my interpretation of an House tune. Wiggle it.

8. Disclosure – F for you (feat. Mary J. Blige

Here we go with Disclosure and the Queen soul voice, an must have.

9. Ejeca – Mellow Sun

Really smooth Jackson vocals, thats bring me back to my soul.

10. Jason Bye – Everybody Jump On the Record

Smashing and pumping. Thats is what i need.

11. Groove Armada – You Got To

Klassic House tune with oldshool pads. Like it so much

12. De La Soul – Pony Ride

Hands so high to the sky for this guys. Kings of Hip Hop.

13. E.M.B.  – Get Up and Dance

So good tune to feel to dance.

14. Outro ( De La Soul – Pony Ride)


Well, thats it.




Sometimes I’ve been searching for new, very new words of my new tracks. Now i found this awesome word „Oscolope“. I do not know what it is, but i like it.

It is new?

Hmmmm, i don’t know. When i search the BIG Internet with this word i found nothing (Pictures). BINGO.

Here is the word for the World and of course the Picture that i made.

…think elastic!

dj mix charts


A little journey that i had played for some podcast platforms and radio stations.

…keep elastic!


6th in the Minimal Techouse Charts.
14th in the Minimal chart.



16th in the Minimal Techno.
7th in the Minimal Charts.



Minimal Charts: 20th.